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Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Random

Random Thought of the Week: If I look in my purse and go, "Hey, I could make a bomb with all this..." is it me that's in trouble or do I just need to clean my purse? I swear it wouldn't have crossed my mind if I hadn't been handed a free sample of mini-perfume while shopping today. I really shouldn't be given flammable substances, my brain just switches to How To Make It Go Boom- mode automatically.

Random Compliment of the Week: I had an older lady (who was very pretty) stop and ask me what part of Italy my family was from. She had a heavier accent and I, mimic that I am, was answering in it. She said I looked so Italian that she almost greeted me in Italian.

My family is mostly Slavic with a few historic Italian branches. But if she thinks I'm as pretty as she is, hey, works for me!

Random Progress of the Week:
I have my WIP outlined all the way to the end... and now I'm not so satisfied with the ending. I'm not sure it wraps up neatly, although I don't have a sequel currently planned.

And I outlined 37 chapters instead of the planned 30. That means I'll be going back and cutting scenes and words for sure. I feel like I'm trying to squeeze the story into a corset. "Tighter! Tighter! Don't breath!"

So... what's your random?


  1. Characters, not writers, write stories.

    See my blog for details.

  2. I was hijacked by a cat. I'm supposed to be taking some R&R so I can get back into writing. I was taking the R&R, but that's when the cat got me. >.<

    His name is Horus--named after the Egyptian guy. For good reason.