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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Random

Random Thing I Love About Army Culture: Hitting the gym pregnant and knowing half the other ladies there are pregnant. And at least one pregnant lady can bench press more than some of the guys there. It's good to go some where and not be judged frail because of my bulging belly.

You Might Be an Army Wife If.... Your pregnancy craving includes food from some random state you don't live in anymore. I really want some good grilled shrimp, but DH won't drive me to Monroe, LA to pick it up from our favorite restaurant there. What's with that?

Random Motto of the Week: Stopping saying "I can't." You can, you just have to figure out how.

Random Plans for the Weekend: I won't be at my computer much. Friday there is no school so I'm packing up my two kids, and my friends two kids (she has college classes) and we're headed down to the nearest state park to take pictures and play.

Saturday we're having friends over to break ground on the garden. And it's the city-wide Day of Service. While the boyos dig I'll be downtown helping people put together emergency survival kits for tornadoes and hurricanes.

Random War Report from the Trenches: I'm still stuck on Chapter 16 of Under a Dark Star. It's an evil Gap Chapter. I know what happens next, just not how to get my characters from point A to point D. I handed over the 1.5k I'd written so far and had my alpha-reader tell me what to do.

Slow down, she says. This is creepy and you're rushing too fast. Break the chapter in two.

So I'm trying that. I may take a mental vacation to La-La Land and write an aimless YA urban fantasy scene I came up with.

Random Inspiration for the Week:
Tornadoes and the hospital with free wi-fi overlooking the huge and overgrown cemetery. Come on! That's just way too tempting.

Can you see vamps finally getting internet in their crypts?

So..... What's your random?

P.S. The top picture is my daughter's fun with the camera. She took a picture of her favorite slide.


  1. Hey, I wondered what that picture was! You bench press while pregnant. Cool! LOVE the cemetery idea... that's awesome, LOL!

    I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. Great quote!

    And now I want shrimp. Thanks a lot.

  2. Fun stuff. Good luck breaking through the wall in your story. :D

  3. This is awesome!

    Loves that her 2 year old son needs a "purse" (which is the medical doctor kit bag - very manly) because his sister always has a purse! lol.

    Loves that her hubby is comfortable enough with his "manhood" that he isn't concerned his son wants a purse and to push babydolls in a stroller.

  4. Ugh, I hate those bridge chapters. Good luck and let us know if you figure out any secrets to making them easier :)

  5. But do I tell him about the lipgloss?

  6. Bench pressing while pregnant: that lady is my hero.

    Hope you have a fun weekend!