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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Random

Random Promotion of the Week: Buy books from independent book stores not the chains. Really, there's so much these people give back to the community, and now they've made it easier, you can set up links to your book (if you're published) or to your favorite indie store, or to the indie online search on your blog or web page. I don't have an indie bookstore nearby, but I can shop the online tool. Hooray!

Random Busy Week: I am so sick of doctors. So is my youngest. She tried to bite the nurse yesterday and I don't blame her! But we think we've finally pinpointed why she's been sick for months on end and after a few days on medicine she's doing better. I do try to post regularly, but sometimes life happens and blogging is what falls by the wayside. Sorry.

Random Pic of the Week: That's Sage, the mutt that came with our rented house when her first family moved to Italy. She's a pure-bred Boerboel (South African Mastiff) and actually on the small side weighing in at only 110 pounds. And that is her standard pose unless food is involved or the doorbell rings. She sound nice and vicious, but I can't see her hurting anyone unless she isn't paying attention and steps on a toe. But she has given me a nice dog character for a pot-boiler I started. :o)

Random Tip of the Week: When you update your blog or website do you Ping? I recommend it for everyone. Get yourself listed on GooglePing and then try Ping-O-Matic.

Random Debate of the Week: If you've ever been involved with a group of writers who have shared the mutual humiliation of public critique you'll have heard the debate over what kind of critique is the best. Since I belong to an online critique group (Critique Circle) I have the advantage and disadvantage of not getting my work critiqued to my face. It gives me time to assimilate information before I respond (unlike a live critique group).

What kind of feedback do you prefer? Do you think one kind of critique is better than another or do you need a range of ideas and opinions to make something work?

Come on..... what's your random?


  1. I'm CC, too! Woot!

    Um, I'm really confused about the Ping thing... help? Should I be doing this now?

  2. I didn't even check it out..(ping)...sorry.

  3. I just started CC...after suffering through some of the face to face critique. LOL I have every intention of posting asap.

    I'm going to check out the ping thing.

  4. Yes, you should do the Ping thing. Check out Joan's definition (the first link) and then ping. The general idea is that pinging puts your blog higher on the search engine so that people who want to Google you can find you.

    Very useful when you are published or if an agent might be querying your name.