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Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm in Love!

I'm in love! Isn't that wonderful?

I knew playing around on tor.com would get me in trouble some day. Now I'm doomed.

Meet the Daily Galaxy, news about our solar system and planet. Factual news that's relevant to sci-fi geeks like me, and everyone else on the planet too.

A new theory about variable speed of light, which is perfect for what I'm working on. To get around the whole FTL problem in several of my books I have areas of space where the nature of space is mutated in a way that light moves faster through them than in normal space. And, because torturing characters is good for tension, areas of space where the speed of light is lower than average. It's already been proven that the speed of light can be slowed. Now this physicist is out to prove it can be sped up too. I'm so excited I'm bouncing in my computer chair!

The article I originally linked from Tor to Galaxy from was this one about telepathic DNA. Now, since I have a solid background in biology and genetics I can think of several ways like-DNA could be grouping together without physical contact. It could be a simple matter of polarity and chemical bond associations (hooray for hydorgen bonds!), but the article doesn't go in-depth with what studies have been done and what further tests are being done. This is one I'll be watching to see what they do with the study.

And don't forget: Why the Transporter Will Kill You. Moving atoms between point A and point Z without hitting the interfering points is always interesting. Earlier studies used quantum entanglement, which provides a handy way around FTL travel (speed = 0 if you're just bouncing atoms... right?). This study brings all the atoms down to near absolute zero. And my first thought is: So we're not trying this on living creatures, right? I don't do well at temperatures below 60F. And I'm fairly sure humans can't survive absolute zero. Maybe for a moment or two, but I think there would be long term side effects. Still, this would be a handy way to get your luggage to your favorite vacation destination.


  1. :D You adore science as much as I enjoy anime and video games! It's cool to see someone this excited about something. :D

    (unsure if you've seen it, but you remind me of Sam in Stargate!!! She's a very cool scientist)

  2. I love the early Stargate shows. I haven't seen it years, but it was a fav back in the day.

    And Sam is awesome. She's kind, smart, funny, independent, but still able to have normal human interactions. I think every girl should grow up to be like that, well-balanced and intelligent.

  3. Some great, thought provoking stuff in those links; thanks for sharing!

    I really enjoy the idea of transporters having side effects. I've gone heavily to that model in my fantasy works.