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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Changes

Just an update....

If you look off to the side you will see there are now links to the stories I'm working on or have out in submission. The summaries aren't the best, and you can't leave comments. But if you are overwhelmed by curiosity about what I'm working on, there is is.

Hopefully I'll be able to flesh out that idea in the months to come. I have some fun ideas for the blog, but not always the time to implement them.

Also, the blog archives are in hiding while I try to work out a neater way of doing labels and archives. I'd like to use the gadget available on Wordpress, but I don't think Blogger has something compatible. I'll figure it out eventually.


  1. I will use those links when I need to brush up on what you're working on. It looks great!

    So far, I have a blog for each novel I've done. Thinking I might just combine them into one blog, though... not sure.

  2. I have a blog for the Vis series. And I might do one for the comic fantasy series. But I hate scattering everything all over the blogosphere when I can keep it here.

    That means the side links may evolve eventually into something a little more interactive and complete. Less of me chatting and more of me making this site user-friendly. But we shall see.

    I would like to have a character list with pictures but I either need to learn to draw first, or find a place to snatch photos for free. I can point out a picture for friends of what I think a character looks like, but that doesn't work for public use. I don't want to steal artwork anymore than I want someone to steal my writing.

  3. I like it, Lei. I have waaaay too many things going on and am so not focused or organized enough to do something like that, but the idea is definitely shiny.

  4. I'll only get complicated on my blog when I'm published. Until then, the simpler the better. For my own sanity! And time.

    But yours looks cool, and ideas are very shiny :)