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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When you view my profile...

I know this question is coming so here's what you need to know....

Liana, when I look at your profile it says you have TWO blogs, but I can't view one of them. Why can't I view the blog and what is that blog about?

Yes, I do have a second blog. It's called Vampires in Space, named for the main series I am writing, and it isn't open to the public at this time. The blog is a prototype that will have character profiles, art work, language details, and science details for the universe I'm creating.

As of today, most of that isn't written down anywhere. But I know I'll need to sort everything out as I edit in January. And I know I'm easily distracted when editing gets hard. If making the fan-blog a part of the editing process helps me stay on task, excellent. If it doesn't, that idea will be scrapped.

At the end of February, when Finn Genesis "goes live" with my reading group, I will invite the beta-readers to view the blog and interact to see if it helps or hinders the story and to cross check character facts to make sure they are coming across correctly in text.

There will not be any point during this experiment where any draft of FG or any other ViS Universe story will appear on the blog. At least none for publication. I could see a short story or vignette winding up there at some point in the distant future. Maybe.

I will not make promises of the ViS Universe blog ever being available to the public. I may turn it into a marketing tool for the stories once they are published. Or I may only use ideas from the blog and the beta-blog readers to make a website for the ViS Universe. If something changes, I'll post it here first.

There! My first FAQ. Now you know, it isn't you, it's that the other blog isn't up yet. Keep your eyes open though, I am looking at making a similar blog/proto-website for my fractured fairy tales series. :o)


  1. Sounds great, Lei! I look forward to seeing it in action. :) I'll be patient...

  2. Vampires in Space, huh? :) Look forward to seeing it when it's up. :)

  3. Liana Brooks, YOU SMELL. I KNOW you did this JUST so I would have to wait! Argh!