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Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Random

Random Quiz of the Week: I've been slacking, haven't I? You can tell... Oh well. I found a fabulous site with more fun quizzes than you can shake a stick at. Anyways, a one question test to determine your future...

If You Were Born in 2893...
Your Name Would Be: Ardv Uaro

And You Would Be: A Space Pirate

Random License Plate of the Week:
CHOSEN5.... wait.... there's more than one Chosen One? And, should C5 read the blog, the reason I see you is because you cut me off every morning on the drive to school! The lesson here is never buy a vanity plate if you're going to be a rude driver.

Random Frustration of the Week: I've seen a ton of blog posts about the Sookie Stackhouse TV show. More vampires! Love! There was a free online sample.... um... I hate HBO. I know the books had some scenes in them, and I remember some language, but not much since it was from Sookie's POV. Yet again HBO ruins something potentially fun by catering to the lowest common denominator, cheap sex, booze, and drugs. And people wonder why I won't get cable.

Oh, for the record, that was just the opening scene. I couldn't even sit through the whole thing. Ewww!

Random Progress of the Week: I won NaNo last week and this week.... er.... I've been slacking. :'( I'm so ashamed! I haven't even finished the last four chapters for Skippy. I think my brain turned to Jello. December is always crazy, this year is no different.

Random Realization of the Week: I seriously need to get my rear in gear and get to work on the ViS series. Setting up the new website/blog thing for the the series I realized I have 15 books started, only 2.5 finished, and 4 more budding into ideas in my head. If each book is approximately 90,000 words long that's, um..... *reaches for calculator*...... 1,350,000 words. I could have it all written in a year. If I wrote 4k a day, everyday, for a year plus. I've written 5k in a day before. I could probably write 10k if I had the house emptied of small children, dogs, and my spouse. But I average 1-2k a day. That's 675 days of writing at my average. And it ignores all the other non-ViS books (like Skippy and Nan) that I want to finish.

The good news: I am not in danger of being a one-book-wonder.
The bad news: I'm just a little overwhelmed. And I might combine some of the story lines because, as much as I love characters, several books have "died" because I couldn't find the right driving plot line.

Random Line of the Week: From the Misadventures of Skippy the Warlord....

With a shrug he kicked the gate open. It rolled open, then snapped back to closed, then creaked open slowly. A door with a sense of drama. Nanoc rolled his eyes. "Thousand gods, give me patience."

So...................what's your random?


  1. Your Name Would Be: Umori Ardv

    And You Would Be: A Prophet

    And I have this way-cool outfit, too. And a rockin' body, apparently. Whew, good to know I'm not a Jabba the Hut or anything. I'd hate letting myself go like that...

    LOL--fun, thanks! Have a great weekend!

  2. My name would be: Is Raan

    And I would be: A Prophet

    And I would wear shreds for clothing to reveal my super-toned abs and ridiculous cleavage. Lovely.

    Um, my brain is jello, too. I'm assuming all this is normal....

    Love the quote from Skippy. *still snickering*

  3. Your name would be: Baan Ara

    And you would be: A Space Pirate.

    I would be very curious to find out what process they use to come up with these names.

  4. Random letter generator. It's a completely random program. I bet if you repeat you get a different name.

    But it's fun nonetheless. :0)

    We get to be pirate babes together!

  5. Ooh, I like mine.
    My name would be: Aita Kin
    And I would be: Telepathic

    And that is a great Skippy excerpt. You must finish that one, as I read your opening on Authoress' blog and simply must have more. ;-)

    Combining story lines is very fun. One of the stories I'm most excited about right now came from merging three of my ideas. I have a more solid idea of what the plot is, and could probably write a tag line if needed.

  6. *sob*

    I'm Vir Neyr.
    A...cyborg! I'm not even human!

  7. Ah. That's better. I'm Isu Neyr, a demi-god. Still not completely human, but still, better than a cyborg!

  8. Hey now! Some of my favorite characters are cyborgs!

  9. Which ones?

    I wouldn't do well as a cyborg. Too emotional. I keep thinking of that poor guy turned cyborg in Ice. You do an excellent job portraying that, by the way. :)

  10. Behold, Cho Iara, Evil Spave Warlord!!

    Yeah, go me! :D

    Heh, ViS, too many words, not enough time - yup, I feel your pain. *sympathy hugs*

    One day, I should calculate how many words I have to write. It might motivate me %-)

  11. I haven't got as many wips as you (I don't think...) but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all that I want to do. Got any tips to share on how to overcome that?