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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Random

Random Personality Test of the Week: I'm a mango! What fruit are you?

Random NaNo Word Count: Just below 36k I'm going to try for 40k today if the Small and Pink child will let me write.

Random Books Pick of the Week: Vorkosigan Saga by Louis McMaster Bujold. I devoured the first three "collection" books this week. The collection combine 2 or more stories and novellas from the series. If you like sci-fi, science in any form, romance, guns, chaos, or comedy you need to read this series. When I take over the world this will be required high school reading along with Lost Fleet and Shakespeare.

Random Chores that Didn't Get Done this Week: Going to the post office. I have a stack of boxes to mail out. Like my little brother's birthday present... he turned 18 in April. Oops! Just a little behind. Eventually I will brave the sub-60 temperature and bravely venture out to the post office, toddler and boxes in tow.

Random Writing Decision of the Week: I'm planning on wrapping up The Misadventures of Skippy the Warlord at around 60,000 words. And then I'm forgetting it exists for awhile. In December I am going to compile all the stats for possible debut novels in my stash, clean the first pages, and post them here for some random feedback.

I'm really very torn on what project should get my full attention come 2009. I know I need to polish something until it shines, get it shredded by my devoted critters, and then polish again so I can submit my query letter to my beloved list of agents. I know what to do. I just don't know which story to torture and abuse until it shines. I have a full bevy of choices. And I fully intend to see all of them polished and beautiful and published at some point.

So I'm making you help me! Aren't I sweet?

Random Question of the Week: It's gift giving time again! What do you think the best gifts are? Personally, I love something that shows the giver knows me and that they put some creative thought into the present. I don't really pine for anything. I don't lust after a pair of shoes or beg for a new kitchen set. So I know people will usually give me a generic gift with very little thought other than spending $X on me.

Honestly, I never check price tags and I hate generic gifts. Granted, cash and gift cards are nice, but 9 times out of 10 I won't spend them on me. I'm far to practical to appreciate $50. I see it as grocery money.

Gifts I've loved in the past are spontaneous and have meaning behind them. Like a friend who gave me a new sci-fi book for my birthday from a series I'd never heard of. The book wasn't perfect, but the thought was. My friend knew I wanted a book for my birthday, not nail polish. My DH gave me the complete works of Shakespeare one year. A favorite cookbook was sent as a gift from my Grandfather while he was living in South Africa, it's a travel through Africa book with recipes, pictures, and stories from each of the countries.

Do you prefer a large price tag? People who follow the list you give them and get what you've requested? Or would you prefer a friend spend the cost of postage and send you something remarkable but homemade?

Come on................what's your random?


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  2. 1. I'm an apple

    2. I hope to hit 40k today, too, but I doubt it will happen. I'm currently at almost 37k

    3. Am I one of those lucky devoted critters???? I will be happy to review anything you like!

    4. Gifts. I like things that say, "I thought about you and your weirdness, so here you go." And they hand me something truly unique, which could be anything from a jar of whole cashews to a Greek cookbook.

    My random today is from the NaNo email I received from Janet Fitch. Torture your characters, she says.

    Okay.....that's what I'll do. Look out Nick. Look OUT!

  3. Apparently I'm tied for banana and mango. Dang it all, now I'm hungry... (Fact that it's nearly midday and I'm yet to eat is TOTALLY irrelevant...)

    Gifts - I couldn't care less about the price tag, as long as it's something that shows a bit of thought. Sadly, my family are incredible averse to giving me books (something insane about me 'having so many books that buying me a book wouldn't be meaningful' - uh, hello?! Would you like to know when and where I got every single one of the books on my shelves?) so following the list I make would be nice %-) Hehe.

    Something homemade is always nice - and you really can't go wrong with books :D

  4. I'm mango too :)

    As far as gifts go, I have never received something that a person made, except from my kids. I love made gifts. They don't make the other person struggle to make ends meet after the holiday and they show much more the amount the person cares for you.