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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

With Friends Like These

*looks at check list of terror*

Let's see.... so far I've made the Mad Merc the heroine in a space age bodice ripper. I've made my best friend and Official Twin the Usual Suspect, and now I've put poor Emina into the mix as a kidnapped horror writer.

I need to stop writing short stories!

It all starts so innocently. I'm going about my day, cleaning, or cooking, or chasing a kid, and my brain fizzles on novels. I can't figure out how to bridge between scene A and scene D, B and C are AWOL. So I play with a new idea...

And that's when bad things happen.

I've had grandmother's who garden with machetes (I was gardening). I've murdered the Little Mermaid (who lives off the San Diego coast). I've stranded humans on far flung planets, had ghosts for MCs, and tortured a variety of authors. I've even written a marriage proposal on behalf of my character Horace Jones in query letter format to the formidable Miss Snark (or should it be Madam Snark?).

Really, it's a disease. A plague of short stories! And very contagious. You will need to leave this blog and scrub with brain bleach just to save yourself. I'm hoping that I'm cured now. I have *serious* projects that need my attention. Yeah... well.... here's hoping!


  1. *actually goes to scrub brain with bleach*
    You've scarred me for life with stories of what you've done.....
    I'm a kidnapped horror writer? *coughs* Do I want to read it?

  2. Um... maybe? You win in the end :o) Does that help?

  3. Bwhahahaha! You has been infected. %-)

    *has no sympathy*

    Write more, I say, write more. %-)

    ~Merc the Mad

  4. Note the list on the side... I've added another finished and In Edits story :o)

  5. I'm actually jealous you can come up with all that stuff. As you very well know, my brain just gets stuck on one thing, and I'm done for until it's finished.

  6. *also has no sympathy*

    If anything, you should write MORE shorts!! Bwa ha! %-)