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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rejection #1

My first rejection was in my in-box today. Bad Karma for opening my twins mail and sending her an e-mail about her form rejection I suppose. Maybe if I'd purified the letter and had it blessed by every local priest and witch first it would have been an acceptance?

Anyways, a cute little form rejection:
Dear Ms Brooks,

Thanks for thinking of [redacted], but I'm afraid "The Falcon" doesn't suit our needs.

Best of luck with your work.

Associate Editor

I'm trying to see if I even care, but I don't. I sent the story to them knowing that it wasn't a best fit. On a scale of 10-1, ten being the best, they were (maybe) a 2. I sent it in anyways because it never hurts to send an e-mail (if we ignore the nasty formating requirements). The Falcon is still out with two other magazines, one I'd rate a 3 or 4 on fit, the other is closer to 8 or 9 - not definite but I expect that third magazine is where it's most likely to be welcomed of the three where I sent it.

Still no word on Published Author. We're nearing the "Oops, we lost your submission! Resubmit!" day for that market and I'm wondering if I want to resubmit to them or not if they did lose it. We shall see.

In other news: I broke 30k on Genesis last night :o)


  1. I feel for you but at least you're able to see the bright side. Do you really want "The Falcon" being accepted when you would have much rather gone with the third magazine. WEll good luck with magazines 2 and 3 hope you get more than just a form letter.

  2. Welcome to the club! Most writers get a few truckloads of rejection letters before they finally publish. It's a marathon, not a sprint, for most.

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  4. Falcon will be published when it makes a perfect fit somewhere. That's where you want it, anyway, right? Where it fits???

    Sorry about the rejection . . . it always leaves a nasty taste in your mouth, huh?

    Chin up!

    Falcon is GREAT!

  5. I'm glad the reection isn't knocking you back. I find the longer I do this, the more I just shrug it off.

    Congrats on the WC! That's awesome!

  6. I'm kind of blaise about it. I am not attached to my short stories. They're just for fun. So, yeah, it's a rejection, but it's not something I'm emotionally invested in.

    My response is more along the lines of: "Not your thing, that's coo'. Whatever." More slackish teenager realizing her parents don't like her baggy jeans than crazed mother on a rampage because someone said her baby was ugly.

    We'll see how I handle novel rejections this spring. It will happen. I have agents on my list I know probably won't love what I write, but it's hard to gauge who would because I don't see many books like mine on the shelf.

    *wonders who Jack Campbell's agent is*

  7. Aww, sorry on the form rejection, BUT congrats on the first "step". ;)

    Somehow saying, 'may you have many more' doesn't quite sound right in this context. :P

    Keep at it.


  8. Don't let this slow you down. IT sounds like you are taking it all in stride. Rejection allows us oppertunity to refine our work right?