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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mugged by a passing plotline...

There I was, sitting innocently at my computer, typing out the first chapter of the Finn Genesis, and I got mugged!

Completely broad-sided by a novel that has no business being in my life let alone in my computer files! A book with *wands* in it. And toddlers. And toads.... What kind of novel is that??? I searched through the idea, and there wasn't a single star ship! Not one blaster! And only one lone zombie.

I write big bad sci-fi novels with guns blazing and high stakes at the speed of light! I do not write cute fluffy bunny stories about sweet homemakers and their darling families! I don't! I won't! I don't like it Sam I Am!!!!

Only... it's kind of a cute idea. And I did type out the first chapter, y'know, just to see how it looked. And the idea isn't all that bad. It would have a niche market. I could picture the cover with ease. I think it would not get banned by many high schools and would work for book groups....

Ugh. I admit it. I'm writing trashy YA fluffy bunny fiction! Bad Evil author! Bad!

They should put up warning signs: When Plots Attack!!!!

So, while I work on Finn Genesis with pretty explosions, FTL ships, and really big sharks (because I can really) I'm also playing with a plot about a single lady who winds up adopting her sister's three kids, all who do magic, even though she can't. Toddlers and wands, it's gonna be big!


  1. ExCUSE me, there's nothing trashy about YA fic that happens to have a happy ending \:| *glares*

    Fwiw, I like the idea, and the first chapter, too :D:D

  2. Wait, give me time, I'll make it trashy darn it! There's a love spell involved (how else could I get a zombie in there)?

  3. Well, you can make yours trashy if you like. Just so long as you don't tar it all with the same brush :D

    ~Inky, writing a non-trashy happy-bunny YA for Nano this year...

  4. Skippy is probably going to be YA too, just because Skippy is younger and I can't see stretching that plot out to over 60k.

    This one will be YA because one of the main characters is 15. Although, I don't know if it will stay short. I'm not sure who will take over as the dominant character, Tracy or Amy....

  5. Ooo, oo, pick me! Pick me! hehe.

    Just bear in mind that length and age of protag don't necessarily box something as YA. There's plenty of 'adult' fantasy out there that has teen protags. For it to really be YA, it has to have the kind of voice that's going to appeal to teen audiences, rather than adult.

    And MG (readers 7-11ish) is another kettle of fish again...

  6. Yeah! Don't think of it as the fluffy-bunny or even the light side, but rather The Lighter Darkside %-)

    Which reminds me...

    There's a part in the HP and the Order of the Phoenix movie where one of the characters says, "We all have light and dark parts in us." And of course, my brain being geared weird, thought: Like chicken! White and dark meat! Ahahahahaha!


  7. Fluffy bunnies! Yay! I'll read :)

  8. How about ragged zombie bunnies?