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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guest blogger Unmasked!

Did you guess who our guest blogger was? From her writing bio:
I'M FINALLY PUBLISHED! LOL. I have a short, My Brother, published in the online magazine, All Things Girl. Here it is!
I work at Children's Memorial Hospital where I was the only student chosen from Chicagoland in the summer of 2007 to participate in a 3 summer internship. I love writing and music. And yes, I do sing in the shower and dance in the rain. I have been published once and have been writing for over 5 years. My future goals include: becoming a Pediatric doctor; becoming a famous author; and traveling the world.

My experience with query letters goes back 4 years ago. I was 14 years old and had a completed manuscript about three girls on a fantasy adventure. My goal was to publish it, and that meant learning about writing the best darn Query Letter I could. I went through hundreds of google pages and dozens of library books. I came out with three finished letters that I randomly chose and sent out to agencies. The query letter / format that earned me the most positive replies was the one I held on to for all these years. The format also helped me publish my short story.

Emina from Espresso for the Writing Soul!

The same day I was trying on Snark Hats Emina was
dissecting queries over on her blog and so I begged her to stop by and help us out over here. Being the fabulous, on-task, person she is Emina readily agreed.

Thank you, Emina!


  1. *waves to Emina* Yay! Guest bloggers are fun! :D

    And that explains your comment about the rewrites *laughs* I wondered why you had said that... hehe.

  2. Because she couldn't wait to tease me and see when I'd finally unmask her. I think she was anxious to see what I did to her bio...

    *hugs Emina for being a good sport*

  3. lol. Aren't I allowed to criticize my own critiques? :D
    *waves back to Inky*

    Your very welcome, Liana. :)

  4. Oh and actually, I wasn't teasing you. I was being serious that I was having second thoughts about the rewrites. lol

  5. My rewrites an improvement. And I think Mary liked hers. My query letters are a travesty. But I'm still a bit of a ways from finished so I'll get it eventually. :o)

    Thank you again.

  6. Thanks Emina! Actually, the rewrite portrays things drastically different than the story, but did make me aware of what I need to clarify in my query. Your comments were most helpful. :-)

  7. Your welcome.
    Good luck with your queries, Mary and Liana!