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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friday Random

Random Progress: I've written three new chapters for DoJ in the past two days. It's a new draft but I think it's a better read.

Random Weather: Goodbye Fay- Hello Gustav! If anyone sees a white haired lady running around in a black X-men suit ask her to point the storm elsewhere, my lawn is a bog!

Random thing I did good for my future-self: I worked out every day this week! Hooray for me!

Random Reason I'm Skipping a Few Days? I mentioned the soggy lawn? Well, we just can't barbecue in the rain! We're headed northward to visit family and eat. Yum!

Random Realization: Being a perfectionist might very well be genetic. My eldest is 6 and struggling in school. Not because she's behind but because she gets hung up on little details. Like when she was asked to draw her pet for homework and spent and hour trying to draw the fish right. She was furious: it wasn't the right shape, the color was wrong, the size was wrong, there was the wrong number of fins... Draw-erase-draw-erase... She's the same with all her homework. She isn't happy with good she needs it perfect, down to copying the font the teacher types notes in perfectly.

I was the same way at some point in my life. The idea of not doing things write bugs me. But I'm getting over it. If I didn't I would never get past draft one.

Random Oops! of the Week: I submitted Published Author to a magazine. And the following morning realized I'd misspelled a word (it's missing an "i"). I've never submitted a short before so I'm not sure if this is an auto-reject or if they'll just slip the letter in if they like it. The latest I can expect to hear from them is November, the earliest is mid-September so it's not like I'm waiting with bated breath.

And I'm currently yawning and about to fall asleep so this is it for the week. Happy holidays for any of you celebrating one this weekend!


So.......... What's your random?

P.S.S. You didn't think I'd forget! Did you?


  1. OMG, I feel like I've been cheated out of two days! Isn't it Wednesday?
    I wouldn't sweat the typo.
    And we had the same thing on perfectionism with my son a year ago. He's getting way better.
    My random? I am loving revisions. Loving them. Excited to sit down and do them. Weird, I know!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You like revisions? Maybe we should get you to a doctor!

    Anyways... random went up early because it's 5pm Friday and I'm just coming alive after a 20 hours drive north :o)

    Besides... don't you want to get to the weekend faster?

  3. Whee!

    Randomness of the week - being asked to go speak at a graduate seminar to promote my course. That was kinda weird...

    Glad you're there safely. And sympathies for Eldest :S I so understand....

  4. Very random here- first week of school. Strange, how you get through two years of high school, and you're still a junior. Go figure.

    Hope all's well and that Gustav doesn't do too much damage. Hate to get home and find out your house has er... moved on without you.