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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wading through the slush...

I'm wading through the slush pile that Authoress calls a blog. And I sort of regret telling everyone in my critique group to join.... what a lump of reading! It's good, most of it's well done. Obviously no one is writing in crayon. But very few of them make me want to keep reading.

I've read numbers 1-50 so far and this is what grabbed me:
-sorting heads- I loved that opening! I want to read the book.
- the demon hunter with the good voice - I like the authors voice
- the Spanish girl int he courtyard was very vivid

As I read more I'll edit the post and let you know what jumped out at me. But, of 50, only 3 stuck with me between reading and posting here. Even adjusting for the fact that my brain is mush that isn't the best number....

Oh! And I'm subtracting books I've already read or am reading. Some good friends have posted and I've read most or all of their book and their openings aren't new to me so they don't count. :o)

50-75: Friday update
Y'all going to hate me... I like number 50 because I know the author and the rest of the scene, but most of these just aren't grabbing me. The harpy mid-grade was an interesting idea, but probably not something I would read because I'm not in the intended age group.

One thing I am noticing, I don't like description as a start. Have someone start by jumping off the cliff, do not describe the cliff before you jump. Just jump!

I also have a major aversion to bodily functions, urinating is not an opening that I want to run with, I'm afraid it will get worse from there.

And I don't like sob story openings. I don't care if you *can* smile through the tears in the end- if I'm crying I picked up the wrong book. I like to laugh at the end, cheer...

And let's please note that I won't hold myself to that standard because I am actively plotting the death of a MC for my current WIP. Such is the life of a good character... to bad!


  1. Sure makes me appreciate what agents and editors go through on a daily basis.

  2. No kidding. And I'm willing to bet this is the good end. Everyone posting on Authoress's blog is familiar with the internets and agents and should know what Not To Do.

    I know not everyone is posting from a perfect, polished, story but I think almost everyone posting is familiar enough with publishing and how the industry works that any of them would make a good client for the right agent.

  3. :D Thanks Lei! Great encouragement.

    Shudders at the extra slush entries agents receive. Poor them.

  4. Yes, I do not envy slush. *shudders*