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Friday, July 18, 2008


I've read entries 1-95 on the contest so far. Not bad but not all perfect or engaging.

Now I need to go write myself. It's a chapter I've played with in my head for several weeks now but I haven't gotten it on paper and I skittish to try. I'm afraid I won't be able to get it out right...

Such is the writers life, si?

I may be scarce over the weekend, MIL is arriving tomorrow and I'm not sure how much I can politely ignore her for something that isn't a paying job. And, well, I'm not sure she knows I write. Only a select few of my family have been informed after several polite, but negative, comments about what I really should be doing about my life.

After some bad conversations I've decided I'll tell the family I write after I've hit the NYT bestseller list. In some ways it's like coming out of the closet, only far worse. If I up and left my DH and ran off to the Isle of Lesbos I think the family would shrug it off. When I mention that I plot murders on a regular basis and think about ways to chop people to small bits (to make cyborgs of course!) they sort of look askance at me. I can't imagine why.....


  1. Yeah, I don't talk to many people about the voices in my head - they take it all wrong. Other writers just nod in understanding, my family threatens to have me committed.

  2. See, other writers understand! My family just stares at me like I need a straitjacket and pills when I start rambling about missing scenes!

  3. I just wanted to say I was very impressed by your comment on Are You Hooked about not glorifying teen pregnancy.

  4. Thank you, JC. I was worried a little about the comment. I know my views aren't everyones and I didn't want to offend anyone. I do feel strongly about the subject, but I think everyone has the right to their own opinion. :o)

  5. Sadly I was out of town for the contest, but it sounds like it was a roaring success, and it looks like everyone had gotten some good feedback. It really is like looking at a slush pile, all right.

    People ask me why I'm so calm, why I don't rant and rage when something bad happens. I just tell them that I would rather express my emotions through writing...like killing characters off by throwing them into a room full of zombies.

    Funny, they get quite after I say that, and the conversation always seems to go in a different direction.

    heh. *pets zombie*

  6. quiet, not quite.


    *gnaws on some brains*