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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playing Cinderella

Every little girl knows the story about Cinderella, the poor girl saved from abuse and neglect with the help of a Fairy Godmother/ a wishing fish/ her own ingenuity and the love of a prince. Litte girls act out the fantasy, they daydream, and for most of the population that's where it stops. Some little girls get proms or homecoming dances, a few go on to have Oscars night or Charity Balls. And then there are a few, like me, who have Military Balls, a special occassion to eat bad food and see lots of medals on someone's chest.

Now, lest you get the wrong impression, I do not actually *hate* balls. I don't despise formal gowns with all my being. And I don't begrudge anyone their right to play dress-up, even if they are over 60. What I don't like is the food, the money spent, and the gown shopping. Formal gowns are gorgeous, I've fallen in love with several over the years, but I do not have over $1000 let alone over $500 to drop on a gown that will get worn every few years (on a rotating basis) if ever again.

But, objections aside, my fairy godmothers (I have several worldwide) helped me hunt down gowns over the internet. I needed two this year for back-to-back balls where it isn't acceptable to wear the same dress back-to-back (something about dry cleaning not being available on an overnight basis maybe?) and didn't have anything in my collection that fit (something about working out, losing weight, and still having some top heavy curves).

I survived all this, painted, edited, and then my DH called after lunch to tell me that I needed to be ready before 5 rather than at 6:30 :o So it's pick up the kids from school, shower to scour paint off my body, dress, and do make-up. This may be the one night this year that I'm grateful I have short hair!

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