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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Page 100

Something about the century mark always excites me. One hundred beautiful pages of storyline, of ideas, characters, worlds, and excitement and it's all mine!

I'm writing in Times New Roman with a size 12 font, single spaced. I hate trying to write and edit on the computer double-spaced, I save that for print-outs and when I need to send the draft to an agent or editor.

I realize I'm not going to meet my goal of finishing 75000 words this month. I will have 50000 and a few chapters left to finish in the book. On one hand I'm disappointed with myself. On the other I know writing non-stop isn't feasible right now, my family is in transition. We're getting ready to sell our first house and move, we've had family visiting, my husband had a month off of work... all the little distractions add up, especially when they aren't things I can ignore.

I also realize that as much as I love collecting finished drafts I need to start collecting polished drafts, and that means I need to stop burning six weeks on a new idea and start editing some of the stories that have been left to languish. I'm going to make an idea folder on my computer so that when a fun idea hits I can write down what I'm thinking and save it for a time when I'm either out of ideas (the mind simply boggles) or I need to step away from a project to gain some objectivity.

To all this I'm also adding a goal of working out since writing is not an activity that tones muscles and I'm getting achy to often. I used to do yoga during writing breaks. Now when my concentration snaps I surf the internet. Yoga is much better for my body. I'm tired of having a sore back and arms from sitting in one pose all day. I'm not happy with a soft middle either, especially with swim season (and dance season) just around the corner. It isn't a matter of weight, being overweight only happens when I'm eating for two, it's a matter of tone and muscle quality. I'll be happier once my muscles are back in shape.

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