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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Misadventures of Skippy the Warlord

Scipio Valensius wants to be a hero, but that sort of thing costs money. So he settles for going to the local community college for sidekicks. And he does well, earning a commision as the sidekick to Alford the Fair before he even walks the stage at graduation.

Things are perfect, until Skippy realizes that Alford is anything but fair. Abandoned and jobless in the middle of the moors, surrounded by goblins, Skippy takes the only job readily available - leader of the goblin army.

Before long Skippy kills Koschei the Liche and takes the mountain stronghold of Lychgate as his domain. But even that isn't perfect. There are geriatric zombies, prisoners who refuse to escape, and pitiwelfs (a terror of unique form).

Missteps and misadventure plague Skippy until he stands on the last battlefield and must decide who he really is.

Comic fantasy almost complete at 65k

For those you need to know... the bust is of Scipio Publius Cornelius Africanus who the main character in TMoSTW is named for. Go read up on him!