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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Liana Brooks

What can I really say about myself?

Okay, I could say a ton...

What can I say without sounding arrogant and conceited. That's trickier.

I was born in San Diego, on Frost Street. I've lived in Chicago, Denver, Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, and Alabama. And in a few months I'll add more states to the list. There's a touch of gypsy in my blood and I'm never content to settle. I love moving on, exploring, finding new vistas and new friends.

I'm a full-time SAHM. I'm working on going back to college to pick up my masters degree in marine biology. My dream job is teaching at a university by day and writing well-loved books by night.

During the winter I'm usually found shivering in front of my computer. During the summer I'm usually outside puttering in my garden, swimming, hiking, or chasing children. In between I can usually be found in the kitchen. I love to feed people. If you come over, bring an appetite.

As for my writing.... let's see if I can describe this accurately....

Go to your average bookstore. Take all the books and drop them in a blender. Add some vanilla extract and chocolate ice cream and turn the blender on to max. Freeze the results in funny shaped molds.

That's my writing. I love everything. I will read Shakespeare, Ovid, a Russian text book, a mathematics text, anything by Ptolemy, anything by Terry Pratchett, anything by Asprin, and then a few random unknown authors all in the same week. I usually have a book lingering near anywhere I might sit down in the house with a chapter marked. My writing reflects that.

I see nothing wrong with a sword wielding space pilot. I happily condemn werewolves to spaceports and inflict ancient goddesses on innocent settlers. I don't have one genre unless fiction counts as it's own genre. Usually it's safe to say that if I say "sci-fi" magic will also wend it's way into the plot. I'm a little better at keeping fantasy strictly fantastical, but I'm more likely to give my fantasy characters good boat building technology than I am to give them magic. I'm cruel like that. %-)