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Monday, January 1, 2001

Every Hero Needs A Villain

Tabitha Shinkowski can fly.

It's not the best superpower in the world, but it's enough to get her recruited straight out of high school by The Company, that nameless, faceless international entity that was created to corral and control superheroes. University classes are a breeze in the The Company's special school, and at twenty-one Tabitha finds herself wearing the white and blue costume of Zephyr Girl.

As a Class Three superhero her life is one of glamor and public relations. Her enemies are carefully chosen so she won't be hurt. Her fights are filmed. Everything has a touch of theater to it, except her love life, which is nonexistent.

Enter Doctor Charm, the enigmatic Class Six super villain. One little phone call, one little challenge, one little kiss... and now all Tabitha can think about is how to take down the Doctor.

Snippet 1 - Tooth Brush
Snippet 2 - Meet and Greet

EVERY HERO NEEDS A VILLAIN is Book 2 in the Heroes and Villains series. Catch up on Book 1 - EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE - HERE.