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Monday, January 1, 2001

Anna Damned

Every one has secrets, just ask single mom Anna Daumed. She was born over 900 years ago, and Damned to hell for all eternity for stealing the soul of a child. Her penance was serving the Prince of Darkness as his heavy hitter and collecting Damned souls gone astray until the day she redeemed herself.

Redemption came with some serious perks, including a new body, a life in the 21st century, and two cute little girls. Anna didn't waste any time, she ditched the Prince of Darkness and moved across the country to escape nosy neighbors. And if the Prince of Darkness would just take the hint, life would be perfect.

But the Prince comes back with a warning, Anna's new daughter is in danger. The vengeful dead want revenge on Anna, and her daughter's soul is the price she'll pay if she can't find the necromancer responsible for their revival.