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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

THE DAY BEFORE and other title oddities...

Those who have been around since EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE was first published know that THE DAY BEFORE started with a different title.

Originally the book was titled JANE DOE because, well, it was about Jane Doe. I queried with that title and was handed lots of rejections, and lots of rejections with editing notes. I edited things. Changed characters. Redid a lot of it, and wrote a new query letter.

The way the query letter worked out the last sentence ended with THE DAY BEFORE. On a whim, I changed the working title because the title fit the query. I figured if I sold the book the title would change again.

Not so much.

THE DAY BEFORE was queried, sold, and published as THE DAY BEFORE. Which left the other working titles out in the cold. Still, JANE'S SHADOW went up for pre-order as JANE'S SHADOW and the series has been marketed as the Jane Doe Series.

That's changing.

Yesterday we officially changed the title to CONVERGENCE POINT. The series title will change to A Time And Shadows Mystery. The shadows joke will be one only readers will get, but at least it gives you a nice fandom name if the series becomes a cult classic. Right? I may be reaching here. Anyway, when the changes come don't be surprised.

The cover reveal for CONVERGENCE POINT will be sometime in early September. If you'd like to help with the cover reveal leave a note in the comments!

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