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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Missing Child Alert

I don't usually post these things, but this is a Twitter-friend's baby girl. Please, give this a signal boost and help her get home safe.

From the blog of KD Sarge:

Yesterday my daughter ran away to chase her dream (being a rock star) even though she can’t sing or play. She’s barely fifteen, and apparently she’s headed to California. All her friends seem as surprised as I am.
All I can think is she found a “helpful” new friend who offered to get her to California. I’m so scared I can barely see straight.

The police tell me she’s in the national database. If you see her, please call 911 wherever you are.

This is Hope, picking out a $40 pumpkin. Click on any picture to see it better.
Here she is on our way to DisneyWorld last year.
Hamming for the camera
Here she is with Wendy and Richard Pini a couple years ago.
Wendy and Richard Pini with my daughter
Hair color, obviously, subject to change. When last I saw her it was black, with brown roots. She had cut it herself. She has gauges in both ears. She may be carrying a full-size acoustic guitar with a neckstrap I crocheted for her.
It’s been thirty-six hours. Her phone is off, and she hasn’t checked her Facebook though her iPod is capable.
Dear God, just bring her home safe.

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