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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All The Crazy

"Liana, why aren't you updating your blog regularly?"

Um... well, if I could find a camera that wasn't smudged by small fingers I would take a picture of the current state of chaos. Let's just say, it's immense. The number of boxes needing to still be unpacked is high. There are still vital things missing, like my shoes. I traveled with two pairs of boots and a set of sneakers, so I didn't over think this problem too much, but now I'd like my running shoes back and I've got no clue which box they're in.

And my painting is missing!

The pretty one that I had over my desk is missing! There's a bare wall above my desk. It's tragic... in a not-really-problematic-or-tragic-at-all sort of way. The wall still looks empty.

Anyways, the missing artwork is not the point. It's not like international art thieves raided my boxes while they were in storage or anything special. The point is, I need to unpack and write so blogging has fallen to lower on the priority list. It's okay. I'm alive. I am not chasing art thieves through the Riviera (ignore any tweets to the contrary). I'm just busy. Unpacking.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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