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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Should I Aplogize For Thinking About Sex?

The Nebula Award Finalists have been announced. I found the comments illuminating...

Maddog writes: "Sure is a huge slant towards women and the non white male. If we don’t start counteracting all the relentless one sided articles soon. Then SF is going to look a lot like the Romance Genre. And the funny thing is there wasn’t even a fight.
Thats my Counterpoint Mirror to todays Half Truths(its the other half that will complete you)"

David Greybeard writes: "I was about to comment on that myself. It’s a very girly list for the most part. But looking back a few years, the Nebula’s been that way for quite some time.
Not much of interest here for my reading tastes. I read 346 books last year and my tastes are quite wide and roaming, but I do tend to stick to male authors.
That said, I’ll pick up a copy of the Mary Robinette Kowal’s series. As I’ve heard great things about it by folks I trust."

Carl V writes: "The Mary Robinette Kowal books are good, and an easy series to judge, in my opinion, on whether or not a person will connect with it. If you enjoy the period drama of stories like Jane Austen then these are a no-brainer. If that is not your thing I strongly suspect that these won’t appeal to you."

Yup, that's what us poor, deprived, vagina-owning cattle write about every single day, period romance. That's it. The full scope of our mental capabilities is thinking about men in kilts because we all know women only ever think about sex. All day. Every day. I walk down the street and it's all I can do to stop myself from ripping the clothes off of every male I see. If I see a kilt there's just no stopping me. I must have sex with men who wear kilts. It's in my genetic code. I'm only a woman after all.

And I know guys understand this. I know it must be horrible for the males who venture out in broad daylight with bodyguards who see women seconds away from raping them at every turn.I'm sorry guys. I would never want to intimidate my male readers so I hereby pledge to keep my filthy, female, nymphomaniac ways confined to hot lovin' with my legally wedded husband.

My minute by minute obsession with sex has led me to write several books about men in kilts and the women who rip their clothes off them in period romance settings. You'll notice all my books advertised off to the left, complete with the mandatory rippling pectorals. Please feel free to buy (or take since several are free) those books and enjoy...

... um...

Wait. I'm looking at these covers and - people! - there are no kilts! Ohmigosh! How could this happen? Did I grow penis in my sleep those are sci-fi and fantasy books!

Hold on. I've got to go to the little ladies room and check to make sure I'm still a lady.

... crisis averted. I am still the proud owner of a vagina. And, apparently, a brain that writes MAN FICTION!!!! Everyone gasp with me now. One, two, three... GASP!!!!

Sexless, gory, violent Man Fiction.

Well, okay not exactly sexless. I'm a woman after all. I like sex. That just comes with the territory.

Do you think I should apologize?

I mean, I get it. Most adults are not in a sexual relationship and never have been. It is unlikely that anyone over the age of 18 will ever be in a meaningful, long-term relationship with another human being. Especially if they are not together with someone they trust for a long period of time as you might find in combat situations or when populating a new planet.

Sex in science fiction is completely unrealistic, I see that now. Only women like sex and SF should be the bastion of male strength and freedom from their vagina-weilding oppressors. Just like ancient Rome. (NSFW)

Yup. Got it.


Dear Ancestors, if I have to explain the irony of this to anyone I may just give up on the human race entirely. 

Love is a human emotion. Anger, hate, fear, hope, joy... all of these are what make us what we are. Trying to cut any of these emotions out of a genre weakens not only the book, but the genre itself. No on, least of all an avid fan of a genre, should demand that romance by removed from the storytelling.

I can understand if graphic erotica isn't your thing, it isn't mine either. I know that not every book can have the Happily Ever After that's the hallmark of the romance genre. I want the bloody conflicts, tactical geniuses, and tense battles of science fiction as much as anyone. But I want those characters in the book to be as human as we are.

They must have weaknesses. They must have fears. They must have friendships. They must have dreams. They must, however briefly, have love. For a human without love is the saddest thing in all the universe.

If you are interested in reading Science Fiction Romance and don't know where to start in this subgenre I highly recommend considering the works of Louis McMastr Bujold, Linnea Sinclair, or any of the fine authors listed in the SFR Brigade Library.

I haven't read all of the books nominated for the Nebula Award but I did read THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON, it's fantasy but a new twist on the old tropes and I think many of you would enjoy it.

As always, I want to point out that most of this post is satire, and I apologize if you find this offensive. Frankly, I'm over this nonsense. I don't care who writes the books as long as the book is good. I hope you feel the same way. If not, the little red X at the top right of your screen will make this whole horrible nightmare go away.

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