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Friday, February 19, 2010

2000 Random Thoughts... Or Not

Random Good Advice From a Fabulous Agent:
When starting out in your intended genre, you should stick to Write 2000 Read 2000. That means you should be writing 2000 words every day and reading 2000 words every day in your targeted genre. This will keep both your intent and your commercial viability in check, as well as help you to intrinsically identify the current trends. That way you don’t have to trust these things to just any festering Petri dish who comes to speak to your chapter.
- From the talented Barbra Poelle

Random Required Reading if You Want Your Characters to Work: The Character Therapist... if you aren't already following this blog you need to change that. I love her posts on characters. Names changed to protect the fictional of course!

Random Thing I Needed to Hear This Week:
From my Crit Partner, Twin, and Partner in Crime-

TM is fantastic. All the feedback you’ve been getting says so. Which means the only one who thinks it sucks is you, and me saying it’s great won’t help, because everyone’s already been saying it’s great. Small is okay. Quiet is okay. Not every book in the world has explosions, and low stakes can be high stakes if the reader cares enough about them. Books have been written on far less than TM. I want more, damn it.

Sometimes what I really need to cure me of a bout of Isuckitis is a kick in the pants and the demand for more chapters. If that doesn't work I resort to rereading the encouragement letters sent out during NaNo.
Random Plans for the Weekend: The temperature is supposed to finally top 60 (20 across the pound) I'm going to the River Walk for some much needed sunshine!

Random Open Mic: Tell me your random or ask a random question. I'll try to get all questions answered on next week's Friday Random!


  1. Hurray for kicks to the pants!

    My random--The people who come up with Google word verifications are graduates of insane asylums.

    (Types in word verification: tuded.)

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