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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love It When I'm Right

Remember this Time Travel post from the Science in Fiction series? Well, Stephen Hawking backs me on this one.


Thanks to the SFR Brigade for the tip off.

If I get back to the computer in time today, we'll do a quick lesson on biohacking. Don't forget to bring a designer virus, and a needle. It's gonna be fun! ;o)


  1. Based on Dr. Hawking's theory, Planet of the Apes could actually happen... Huh.

    When I read the article, I immediately thought of the possibility of humans coming back to a corrupted Earth. But then I realized that's exactly what happens in the classic 1968 (and not-so-classic 2001 remake... even though Marky Mark is dreamy and all) sci-fi flick.

    Who would have thought that the world's foremost expert in the field of theoretical physics would end up giving the story a plausible premise?

    Consider my mind to be officially blown!

  2. I feel guilty thinking this, but after I read the alien comment of his, I was wondering if he's officially retired from science and out to have fun. :#

    At least with the time travel is it less speculation tipped from scifi movies and books and more in with science possibilities. <- Or to be exact, I was watching something yesterday about 'ancient alients' (guys who appear to be wearing spacesuits) and vaguely wondered if someday in the future (or even now) we have been able to go back and visit Native Americans. If not, then Stephen Hawking's other idea (conquering/locust like aliens) is all wrong. Aliens have already been here, and they came in peace. :)